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Beginner Jewish Books: Building A Jewish Library For

Learn about must have Jewish books for your personal Jewish library. Learn how to get free and discounted Jewish books as well as the best Hebrew study mater...

James James says:
question about jewish thought and books?
what is confusing me is on one hand you have to accept the word of god as what is written but free thinking is encouraged, am i correct in saying that you can ask questions and have your own opinion as long as you don't write of have your own...
Stephlet says:
Oh my, what a complicated question. I won't even try to fully answer. If you want reliable answers, you should go here: Well educated rabbis are waiting to answer your...

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Philip Roth: 'You Begin Every Book As An Amateur'

In books like Portnoy's Complaint and Goodbye, Columbus, he wrote comically about young Jewish men who were alienated from their culture and families. His 1997 novel American Pastoral won a Pulitzer Prize, and he was twice awarded the National Book 

Jared Kushner's fellow Jewish Harvard alumni attack him in notes ahead of their reunion

Org, the liberal social action group (and like Kushner a Harvard class of 2003 grad), recently shared some of the entries from Harvard's “Red Book” — it's a Harvard tradition for alumni to submit notes about themselves ahead of reunions, Wikler noted

Library receives Jewish fables from around the world

A newly arrived collection of Jewish books containing fables, with around 400 volumes spanning six centuries, will enrich Jewish studies at Cornell and cast light on the depth and breadth of Jewish civilization. The collection, which includes a 15th

Israeli book exposes paltry conversion rate in 30 years

(JNS) New figures in "Conversion in Israel: Vision, Achievements and Challenges," published in Hebrew and just released by the Israel Democracy Institute Press, expose how the state conversion system has failed since its launch in 1996. The 25 articles 

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