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Vague Legal Definitions Threaten Japanese Comic Readers ...

For the second time in four years, members of the Japanese Diet (legislature) are attempting to revise the nation’s flawed child pornography law. While initial revision proposals offered some hope that the problems with the law would be fixed, the current proposal does little to address loopholes and overly broad language that could leave innocent citizens at risk.

Legislators are...

Weird Japanese Comic Books - Anyone Know Anything

Anyone know anything about them?

Autumn Autumn says:
Which came first, American comic books or Japanese?
Dates and names etc
Brendan says:
Comic books as a print medium have existed in America since the printing of The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck in 1842 in hardcover—making it the first known American prototype comic book. 1775,...

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Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Will Open Its Japanese Beta Next Week

The latest issue of Weekly Jump has detailed new information regarding an upcoming Japanese open beta test for Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, a multiplayer game that puts users smack dab in the middle of the story. Weekly Jump has confirmed that

Belarusian Supreme Court Upholds Japanese Man's Arms-Smuggling Conviction

Yoshida was arrested in Belarus in August 2016 while seeking to return to Japan from Ukraine, where he bought 10 locks and four barrels from vintage bolt-action Russian-made Mosin-Nagant rifles dating back to the late 19th century. Security officers at

Erica, the Japanese robot is lifelike, while USA's Kuri and Jibo feel ...

KYOTO, Japan —Erica greets me, asks my name and how I'm enjoying my trip to Japan. She nods her head as I speak and her eyes wander as if she's going to work the room, but she seems only to be listening to me. Erica, the humanoid like robot from the

Dwayne Johnson's Rampage Gets an Earth-Shaking International Trailer

We're just a couple of months away from the release of Rampage, Warner Bros. big-screen adaptation of the hit 1980's arcade game. And to push its hype to even higher levels, the studio has released a new international trailer that is sure to get your