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The Captn' is a half retarted Jew, He is a Mod in anything goes because of his fucked up thought process.

Its not like he is a mod in a quality of life section like diet or aas. But is definitly needed to ass rape fools like J4CKT.

He is the light of anything goes and will guide us to the promise land of debauchery, tranny...
JET Re-tools 12-in. XACTA Table Saw with (Much!) More

JET's new saw launches with full cast-iron top, and Schwaiger says other options could develop, based on end user feedback. Woodworker's Journal Magazine get...

GioP GioP says:
What else on console table (besides lamp and a picture frame)?
I have a dk brwn wrought iron/glass console table. I have NO idea how to decorate it without bulking it up. I'm thinking at least a console table lamp....what else? (Color scheme: Accent Wall - Taupe Brown)/Accent colors - Deep Wine, Ivory, and...
BTvonD says:
I think that you should do two slender candlestick lamps with non-fussy shades on either side with a table top water fountain in the center. In our lobby in our office I have a similar table and I...


The Workshops
The Workshops
Published by Uwa Pub 2006
ISBN 1920694838,9781920694838
300 pages
For 90 years, the Government Railway Workshops at Midland were the largest industrial workshops in Western Australia, training tradesmen to build and repair locomotive engines and rolling stock, and to maintain the State's railway network that was at the heart of its economic development. Midland-trained tradesmen entered trades and professions as diverse as marine engineering, house building, and lecturing in colleges. Widespread community outrage greeted the government's decision to close...
Iron, steel and cast iron before Bessemer
Iron, steel and cast iron before Bessemer
ISBN 8773043354,9788773043356
598 pages
The Philosophical Magazine and Journal
The Philosophical Magazine and Journal
Annals of Philosophy, Or, Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts
Annals of Philosophy, Or, Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts
A Comprehensive History of the Iron Trade, Throughout the World
A Comprehensive History of the Iron Trade, Throughout the World
435 pages

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Table Talk: Get Inspired To Set The Mood For A Party

"Time and Place in Blue and White," a table setting designed by John Rohatsch of Checkered Past Antiques for Set To Celebrate 2016, the Connecticut Valley Garden Club's fundraiser for Elizabeth Park's Heritage Rose Garden, was the winner of the 2016 

How Best to Spend a Weekend in Birmingham, the South's “Magic City”

And two statues, an iron Vulcan on the city's Red Mountain ridge, and a gold Electra on one of the city's tallest buildings, are its icons. Its signature smell? Smoky barbecue, of course. Birmingham is exactly the “Sweet Home Alabama” delight you would

From Farm to Table

finished with three raw local Salt Pond oysters. Blue Hill’s Old Ackley Farm supplies chickens for stuffing and ducks that get seared, glazed with a reduction of local mead, and served with confit and potatoes roasted in the duck fat. For a Maine ...

The Incredible Power of a Potluck

Chunks of ground beef, adobo seasoning, and fresh parsley rolled into ball shapes and sautéed in a cast iron skillet. “I think it's an unbelievable example, but it speaks to the power of the dinner table and what can happen around it,” Turshen says.

Iron Chef unofficially comes to Gainesville

Two-time defending champion Briton Dumas, executive chef at Embers Wood Grill, was up against two new contenders: Ray Leung, executive chef at Dragonfly Sushi, and Patrick Jones, executive chef at Gainesville Golf and Country Club. “You can’t really ...

Making of ‘Iron Man 3’ book

For a revealing look at the “Iron Man 3” production find the July 2013 issue of Cinefex, a magazine that typically covers FX related ... book has been released in a slipcover, coffee table sized edition. Copies are available at local bookstores and ...

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