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Have you received a response from her? What do the reps say, other than wait lol. when I placed my order there was a delay in the communication about a few days so I guess it's possible that she's just not checked in or has been busy somewhere else she does monitor a lot of different boards

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Antique French 1940s white painted iron magazine rack - Antique French 1940s white painted iron magazine rack with open lattice design and gilt ball...

Is a Raymond Enkeboll magazine rack from 1970s worth any money as a collectors item?
The only info I can find online is a Raymond Enkeboll timeline that shows the exact magazine rack I have. It is a unique 1970s design with heavy black oak and deep carvings with twisted iron "rests" for the magazines.
Raymond Enkeboll seems to be a revered designer and there would almost hae to be collectors. You might consider a true estimate from a dealer.


Bent iron work
Bent iron work
160 pages
Brothers of Iron
Brothers of Iron
Published by Sports Pub 2006
ISBN 1596701242,9781596701243
305 pages
In the depths of the Great Depression a scrawny, dirt-poor Jewish kid with a seventh-grade education picked up a barbell and got hooked on weight training. Building his muscles gave him confidence and hope for a better life. He pledged to make the great, transforming power of strength training available to everyone and to give bodybuilding all the glory it deserved.The kid, Joe Weider, enlisted his younger brother Ben in his quest, and together the Weider brothers accomplished things much...
Holy Guacamole!
Holy Guacamole!
Published by Berkley 2004
ISBN 1101010452,9781101010457
288 pages
At an opera party in Texas, the artistic director eats some bad guacamole that disagrees with him right to death. A scorned soprano admits to mixing the dish to get back at him for passing her over for her dream role. But Carolyn learns that foul play, not foul food, was the real culprit--and uncovers some unsavory secrets that lead to a full menu of suspects.
Momento Mori
Momento Mori
Published by Interactive Press 2013
ISBN 1921479914,9781921479915
Cycles through the shadowy landscapes of death, gnarled relationships, the slippery side of human nature, even the contemporary lure of cosmetic surgery pushed to a surprising extreme. Ages 16+.
One Day for Democracy
One Day for Democracy
ISBN 0821417304,9780821417300
252 pages
Just before the turn of the twentieth century, immigrants from eastern and southern Europe who had settled in mining regions of Minnesota formed a subculture that combined elements of Old World traditions and American culture. Their unique pluralistic version of Americanism was expressed in Fourth of July celebrations rooted in European carnival traditions that included rough games, cross-dressing, and rowdiness. In One Day for Democracy, Mary Lou Nemanic traces the festive history of...

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