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Rare Potter book has cast a spell on library (From Oxford Mail)

A first edition Harry Potter book that broke auction records is causing a stir at a literature exhibition.

The rare copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which is annotated and illustrated by its author JK Rowling, is the centrepiece at the Bodleian Library event.

The first in the seven-strong series sold for £150,000 at Sotheby’s two weeks ago.

It was...

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Elvira G Elvira G says:
Can u give me the harry potter spells?
If possible pls give me the details...
princess17 says:
Harry Potter Spells and Charms Dictionary Accio! (Goblet of Fire, page 68) Etymology: L. accedo (to approach, come near / (things) to be added). The Summoning Charm (incantation: "Accio!") is used...

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