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A Light Inside: Harry Potter Book Club: Sorcerer's Stone, Chapters 8 ...
This brings to the forefront of my mind the idea that the houses of Hogwarts are actually four different aspects of one person. Though more developed in some than in others, most characters—and all real people—have to some extend the daring of Gryffindor, the loyalty of Hufflepuff, the cleverness of Ravenclaw, and the potential for power that is in Slytherin. It would do very well to explain...
Why there WILL be a Harry Potter 8!

So, I find evidence in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that suggests an 8th Harry Potter book may be on the way! I found more evidence:

kristen kristen says:
Will there be an 8th Harry Potter book?
I know it seems unlikely,but alot of us want to know what happens between the last chapter and the epilouge though, and did Rowling acually publicly anounce that there won't be an 8th or are people just expecting.?
Hfh D says:
21 December 2007 - J.K. Rowling has considered writing an eighth 'Harry Potter' book. The writer - who released the seventh, and what was touted as the final tome, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly...

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