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GIVEAWAY: “The Prophets of Smoked Meat” Book Signing & Dinner ...

Who’s ready for a really unique culinary experience and a Cleveland foodie giveaway? (And just in time for me to be dabbling in going more paleo-ish…)

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The Greenhouse Tavern is hosting The Prophet of Smoked Meat Dinner & Book Signing on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM . GHT’s Chef Brian Goodman...

21st Birthday Memory book

This book was made as a 21st Birthday present Guest book. The brief was grungy using red and green. The book makes a great base for your guests to sign, writ...

Andrea Andrea says:
My Boyfriend Has Too Many Books?
Hey guys. My boyfriend and I are attending school across the country, but he still managed to bring HUNDREDS of books in his car with him over here. We are currently living with each other, and he has book literally piled on the floor in our...
Lady Jane says:
Stacking books on the floor is very "in" for interior design. I have six stacks of books pushed up against my bedroom walls (three under my desk) and I color-coded the spines for different piles (a...

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Is Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams the New Black Mirror

Ever since, a number of series, some scary and some not, have stepped into the episodic anthology arena, including High Maintenance and Room 104 on HBO, The Guest Book on TBS, and Lore on Amazon. Both Amazing Stories and, yes, once again, The Twilight

Love Knows No Boundaries

“A location in my hometown of Louisville meant that friends and family would be traveling far and wide to attend, both domestically and internationally.” To commemorate those efforts to attend the ceremony, guests signed a world map indicating the

How the Pences put Hoosier stamp on VP home

The book, written by Pence's oldest daughter, Charlotte, with illustrations by Karen Pence that she painted in the private living room on the second floor, will be a natural addition to the home's library. The space was created by Joan Mondale to

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Photographer meets 'kids' from 1973 he featured in photo exhibit

They usually gathered on the front porch of his parents' house. Lance wouldn't walk on the lawn of the “haunted house” in the neighborhood after dark. He remembers Jerry liked green apple Bub's Daddy bubble gum. Luann says they played a lot of kickball