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WTS/WTT: Cold Bore Customs Glock 26 - Long Range Hunting ...
Glock is a Gen 3 in excellent condition, with original box etc. Will also come with the following:

-Cold Bore Customs grip reduction and texturing
-3 mags with Glock extended bases, textured
-1 mag with Pierce extension, textured
-1 factory flat base plate
-1 X-Grip adapter to use G19 mags
-Ameriglo Night sights
-KKM Match barrel(factory barrel...
Glock 26 - Magazines!!

Just a little demo for my buddy. I cried like a little girl when I first started loading these mags. 1200+ rounds later, I don't seem to have anymore problem...

Tahoeguy Tahoeguy says:
Glock 26/27 .........?
Love them or hate them? im looking for opinions on both. the 26 is in the lead since i have a 17 already, plus several other 9mm. It is for an occasional carry weapon, and would be about the dimensionally largest pistol i'd carry concealed. Just...
Keoni says:
Between the Glock 26 and Glock 27 there are very few differences. Dimensionally they are exactly the same. The main difference is that a Glock 27 can be converted to shoot the 9mm and .357sig. The...

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Sig Sauer launches new P365 concealed carry pistol

Sig Sauer dropped a new concealed carry pistol into its handgun lineup, introducing the P365 Monday. The P365 is a striker-fired 9mm boasting a double-stack design with 10+1 capacity. Garnering its name from its so-called ability to be carried 365 days

First look: Glock Gen5 G34 MOS, Gen5 G26 and G19x

The G26, also called the “Baby Glock,” has a long following in law enforcement as either a backup gun or an off-duty carry. Also chambered in 9mm, the double-stack magazine still allows the sub-compact to carry 10 rounds. This weapon also received the

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Man accused of firing shots at vehicle after collision gets DWI charge: Police

Upon making contact with Plemons, police said he began yelling at them with slurred speech. Court documents state he later admitted to having a weapon in the vehicle, which was identified as a fully loaded Glock 26-9mm found in the backseat of the

First Look at the New Glock 19X, Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS, & Glock 26 Gen 5

The Glock 19X is basically the Glock 19MHS gun that was submitted to the Modular Handgun System trials but without a thumb safety. With the Glock 19X, you get a full-size Glock 17 grip has the same little toe on the leading edge of the magwell like the