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'Freight Train Board Book (Caldecott Collection)', raymundobill's ...

Sunday, 28 April 2013 at 13:13

Freight Train Board Book (Caldecott Collection) book download

Download Freight Train Board Book (Caldecott Collection)

Freight Train Board Book (Caldecott Collection) Greenwillow, Board book, 1996; . "Simple, timeless classic for young engineers" With a few words and the most marvellous illustrations, Freight Train will take...

Freight Train Trip! - Book Trailer

Susanna Leonard Hill's rhythmic text and Ana Martin Larranaga's simple but enticing art will take young readers on an adventurous freight train trip! Kids ca...

Phyl Phantom Phyl Phantom says:
I need information on train hopping for a book?
In the book I am writing the main character, meets his estranged daughter while hopping a train to another city (in America). How would he go about boarding the train? What would the conditions inside be like? His daughter explains how her...
Derail says:
Hey Phyl. The ways to be killed by a train are obvious when messin' around with several thousand tons that's moving. It's always the unexpected and sudden action that crushes, or causes a fall....

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