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Today’s fan share comes from Carla of Carla Rhea Weddings. She writes, “I love all the great tools from DA! You guys make it so easy!!! My bride and groom wanted a guest sign in album that was unique, so I used the Boudie Call template to design the cover and inside of one book and the other I used the Baby Plan template for the outside. I wanted them to have a choice so I used different...
Wedding Guest Books

Wedding guest books are a wonderful way for guests to send wishes along to the married couple. Guest books can come in all shapes and sizes and in a variety ...

Luca Luca says:
Where can I get guest sign-in books?
I am located in Orange County, ca and I've searched a bunch of places looking for a nice and simple sign-in book. I've been to Micheal's, Target, and Hallmark and can't seem to find a decent one. Can anyone recommend a good place to purchase...
tired says:
I bought mine at Hobby Lobby and it was simple and elegant. I don't know if you have one of those though. Another suggestion is David's Bridal, and local bridal shops. A couple of months ago I was...

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