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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: The Best E-Book Reader ...

Although Amazon's Kindle Fire HD gets all of the glory, the company's hardware business is rooted in e-books. The Kindle Paperwhite's front-light promises something different. But with the recent proliferation of cheap tablets, is it still worth buying?

The clunky first-generation Kindle employed E Ink's electronic paper technology, which is a far cry from today’s hi-res Kindle Fire...

The NEW Kindle e-Reader 4th generation e-reader

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video! Today we unbox the brand new Kindle WIFI E-Reader that just came out a few days ago! We show you a good 360 and tell ...

Jean Jean says:
What is kindle books?
I read a lot of books. I usually get them used from Amazon. I saw an ad for kindle and wondered what it was.
Pauline A says:
They are electronic books, that you can read on their Amazon Kindle device and you can bring it everywhere. I am a Kindle 2 owner and an avid reader as well, so let me give you some of my opinions...

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Since you can't download apps onto the Oasis, this adds a whole extra, painful step to accessing library books. But, at the end of the day, it's an Amazon device. You have years of guarantees that Kindles are excellent ereaders, the addition of

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No really, try it out. Amazon claims the Kindle can survive being immersed in up to two metres of fresh water for an hour. So, we tried it out in the Facebook Live and timelapse video above, and it's true – after being submerged the Kindle works