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Poll show scandals damaging Obama's support | The Daily Caller

President Barack Obama’s support among political independents has lurched downwards amid a wave of scandals, according to a new poll.

The new poll , conducted for Wall Street Journal and NBC, also shows that many independents and Democratic voters are withholding judgment on the scandals, pending the emergence of new evidence.

Some of those undecided independents may come...

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Mr. Atoz Mr. Atoz says:
I have an Epson powerlite s6 projector. Will it work with my Mac Book Pro?
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Who's been hunting for philatelic treasure in consignment shops and antique stores?

A fellow collector once told me that in a consignment shop he found about 10 of the annual yearbooks published by the United States Postal Service, priced at $6 each. Each book was filled with mint stamps for that year, some totaling more than $50 in