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Yay! Apartmenting : Monochromatic Fierce Dinosaur Bookends

Brad likes dinosaurs. So do I. We also like Walmart and spray paint.

Some days we like to combine all our hobbies into one mega happy-dance of shiny rawr-ness. Today is one of those days.

It's pretty exciting, because now all our treasured books are protected by our new fierce-yet-fabulous shiny dino bookends. I love seeing them poke out from...
Bookends: Summer Reading Program

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Waaa? Waaa? says:
Online interview about dinosaurs?
I need it for a research paper. I decided to consult the internet since I don't know anyone that is knowledgeable about these matters. And I don't know any website that does online interviewing so I got here. My questions are more of answered by...
KTDykes says:
Me thinks you mean "most plausible theory". The evidence indicates the infamous meteor impact happened at about the right time, and likely played a significant role. That doesn't mean it's...


Dinosaur Bookends
ISBN 1857142136,9781857142136
Paul Stickland Dinosaur Bookends
Published by Ragged Bears Incorporated 2001
ISBN 1929927304,9781929927302
The great book of dinosaur crafts
The great book of dinosaur crafts
Published by Sterling Pub Co Inc 1995
ISBN 0806908815,9780806908816
144 pages
Shows how to make realistic prehistoric animals and landscapes from egg cartons, cardboard, clay, paper, plywood, clothespins, newspapers, and felt.
Explorers of the Unknown: Disastergeddon!
Explorers of the Unknown: Disastergeddon!
Based on the epic summer blockbuster that Hollywood never produced, "Explorers of the Unknown: Disastergeddon!" is an apocalyptic adventure that puts disaster-porn cinema everywhere to shame! After a trio of paranormal investigators discover a living, breathing Tyrannosaurus Rex in the backyard of a suburban home, their reality begins unraveling at a rapid pace. Matter is manifesting mysteriously and our heroes must unlock a secret that will take them to the heart of the galaxy and the edge...
Published by Simon and Schuster 2013
ISBN 0743202457,9780743202459
246 pages
Two rare book dealers share an account of their bookselling days and a portrait of their long friendship, detailing their individual personal lives, business exploits and adventures, and struggle with the trials of aging.

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Perfect Gifts For Reading Geeks: Chapter 1

We particularly adore the Sherlock Holmes action figure ($11.99), wooden dinosaur bookends ($36.99), and the evolution of reading t-shirt ($19.99). Penguins rule. ( Penguin e-reader cover ($35) from the Etsy shop BagChemistry.

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