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Moore Minutes: Game, Music, and Book Mix BOY'S ROOM (part 1)

Hi Lisa
I love what you and Cameron have done in his room. The game boards on the wall is a great touch. Your young son sounds like my eldest...a thinker,an avid reader, and (once upon a time) a tucked-in shirt kind of guy. (This one is getting married next week!!!)

The photos of Cameron are wonderful. They seem to capture his spirit.
Jane (artfully...

Hirst Square Tower Bookends also great for the gaming

Hirst Square Tower Bookends that I made for a family members birthday. He loves all things sci-fi and fantasy so these are right up his street. Obviously the...

Top Cat Top Cat says:
What is the meaning of Bookends?
(by Simon & Garfunkel). My father has just died and I think this song is very fitting for how I feel - plus also he was a massive S&G fan!
dolphingirl311 says:
The lyrics go: Time it was and what a time it was it was, A time of innocence a time of confidences. Long ago it must be, I have a photograph Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you I...


The Last Vampire
The Last Vampire
193 pages
Suspecting the detective she killed in self-defense is stalking her, a vampire becomes a high-school student to befriend the detective's son, with whom she falls in love. By the author of Bury Me Deep. Simultaneous.
Published by Multnomah Books 2011
ISBN 0307788873,9780307788870
352 pages
Opposites attract? Maybe not. Emilie Getz and Jonas Fielding are as different as two people—of the same age, with the same faith, living in the same charming Pennsylvania town—could be. She loves history; he loves new ideas. She sticks to the rules; he likes to break them. She’s into saving relics; he’s into saving souls. The one trait they share is a penchant for controlling every aspect of their lives, including their stubborn hearts. When Emilie’s search for an archaeological treasure...
Furniture making and cabinet work
Furniture making and cabinet work
536 pages
'Til Dice Do Us Part
'Til Dice Do Us Part
Published by NAL 2010
ISBN 1101186518,9781101186510
304 pages
The Bunco Babes are a group of hip retirees who love to play bunco- and addictive game of luck. But someone's luck is about to run out... For good. When Claudia Connors returns from Vegas with a new husband, actor Lance Ledeaux, Kate McCall and the other Bunco Babes are shocked. To make matters worse, Lance has plans to direct, produce, and star in a play he has written-and he wants all the Babes to participate. When he's killed during rehearsal with a pistol, all eyes are on Claudia, who is...
Index to handicrafts, model making, and workshop projects: supplement
Published by Faxon Co 2013
914 pages

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