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Just want to say that my boyfriend and I just completed our bookshelves hack after reading this post. It looks perfect in our office! We have high ceilings though so we also bought the Billy extenders and a besta one to make ours taller. Thanks for the amazing post, we love our new bookshelf! Wish I had a way to post a picture to share with you. :)


Marc Bartolomeo shows how to frame and assemble a custom bookcase. This video is part of Kitchen Impossible show hosted by Marc Bartolomeo . SHOW DESCRIPTION...

Elsie Elsie says:
why are bookcases built so deep?
it's frustrating! most of my books are paperbacks and you can't really see the titles of my books until you peer into it because the bookcase is like 11 inches deep. Most hardbacks only require about 8 inches of space anyways. I can see how a...
carpenter says:
if u build it any smaller it wont stand up good to narrow will fall easy hope this helps you can have custom built and mounted to wall only other way

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