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This week, I’m sharing some of the DIY organizational projects I completed for my new sewing room and home office. One of my main challenges in this tight space was finding a way to keep everything organized without having everything become overly cluttered, and I knew I needed to find an attractive, discreet way to stash all of my magazines, which lately have...
IKEA great ideas! How to make it Ikea FLYT magazine

IKEA great ideas - How to make it Ikea FLYT magazine book file rack box.

Jess Jess says:
How do I turn my room from a disaster zone to a nearly OCD organized room/office?
I've been messy my whole life but I NEED to become organized.
ymmiJ says:
you need to create homes for everything and make sure everything is in it's home at the end of every day. First, tackle your room/office in bits... like the desk first.. or the closet (which I...

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