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60 Cottage Cabin Essentials - From Wood-Stacked Tables to Boat ...
With the seasons changing and the warm weather starting to stick around, cottage country is about to start booming with renters and clientele, and if you're heading up to the lake this summer, then these cottage cabin essentials are some great tips on how to decorate your summer home.

Spending time up at the cottage is a great oasis away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The...
Minecraft Survival Tutorial 20 of 31: Enchantment

Minecraft Version 1.5.2 From punching wood to slaying the Ender Dragon, and everything in between (almost everything, anyway). Demetrius takes you step-by-st...

Sarah Sarah says:
Tips for moving books/bookcases cross-country?
Trying to figure out the best way to handle glass-fronted "lawyers" style bookcases for a cross-country move. Have a total of 8 that are each 4 shelves, roughly 13"x36"x57". Would unloading the bookcase, loading it on the truck/container, and...
Dave says:
some companies will drop off a removal container (like a very large box) maybe10ft x12ft x 7ft high. ,let you fill it,then come back and mechanical load it back on to wagon,i think it,s called load...

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Scott has extra, extra reading materials. Read all about it!

My favorite room in my parents house growing up was the den. It had high ceilings and one wall that was stacked from top to bottom with bookshelves. It was a room embedded with treasures. Some of my favorite books were there; better yet, there were

Want a free sofa? Ikea is doing giveaways for its grand opening week

There is also a daily deal on two iconic products at Ikea stores across the country: the BILLY bookcase and Ikea meatballs. On Nov. 8, BILLY bookcases will be sold in-store and online for $49 and customers can purchase three bags of Ikea meatballs for $20.

Cindy Lange-Kubick: Lincoln woman is back in the home she never stopped loving

He'd been visiting a friend across the street when he found out the 2 1/2-story clapboard, built when Teddy Roosevelt ran the country, was on the market. He knocked on the door and the Merciers invited him in, the dining room filled with boxes. “Bob

Earthquake Kills Over 100 at Iran-Iraq Border

TEHRAN — An earthquake struck the border region of Iran and Iraq on Sunday, killing over 100 people in Iran, the country's National Medical Emergency Service reported, according to the state English-language television news channel, Press TV. In Iraq 

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