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I don’t think they make anything like this one any more, either. Its product id seems to be B-101.

This is the usual composition book, sewn binding taped over the back, smaller than letter size. But it has graph-paper pages instead of lined. That’s nice. The big thing wrong with it is that the cover and back (same piece of board, wrapped around) are too flimsy for it to be useful in...

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - 4. The Mock Turtle

This is the fourth movement to my composition "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". THis movement is a portrait of the Mock Turtle and inludes the "Lobster Qua...

AsianBorat AsianBorat says:
Composition books: quad style versus hard-back
In my lil' bro's school supply list, there are two types of composition books he's supposed to get, quad syle and hard-back. What's the difference between the two?
2 for the Price of 1 says:
I do not think there are two different types. I think the list is asking for a hard-back composition that is quadrille or quad ruled. (I am assuming that is what quad style means.) I have...

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