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Ben's Journal: My Work Tablet: Staples Quad Ruled Composition ...

I've got an iPad, Nexus 7 and Galaxy S3 device at my desk. But those guys are just for testing apps. For real work, my tablet of choice is the Staples® Quad Ruled Composition Notebook . Yes, that's a $1.99 notebook. But it works oh so well! The graphed ruling means that I can easily write and sketch on it, and the composition style binding means they don't fall apart.

Here's what...

Composition - Rule Of Thirds

A short video explaining one of the key principles of photographic composition.

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Liquid Chromatography–Atmospheric Pressure Photo Ionization-Mass Spectrometry Analysis of the Nonvolatile ...

The taste, flavour, and texture of lipid-rich foods, such as mayonnaises and dressings, strongly depends on the composition of the oil used and the emulsification methods applied during the preparation of the product. Making consumer-preferred products

One Summer, Infinite Rewards

Students are asked to reach outside their comfort zones: Read a book from a new genre. Consider an opposing viewpoint. Articulate an espoused value. It's real; it's personal. Naturally, questions develop within. What makes a poem a poem? How are

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This gives you the amount of fuel in lb/hr, but most flowcharts, filters, and fuel pumps are rated in gallons per hour (gph) or gallons per minute (gpm ... with bugcatcher scoop*Billet crank*Dry-sump oil system Please tell me what you think.

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