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Two become one collection Guest book | Wedding Day Supplies

Your two hearts have become one and your friends and relatives have gathered to share you special day, we have the perfect keepsake to remind you of their presence for years to come. From Cassiani collections exclusive Two hearts become one collection , a guest book with 50 lined pages that your guests can fill with their signatures to provide you with fond memories of their presence. Each...

Signature / Guest Book Template Collection for In this video we showcase our latest Fully Automated Template Collection for Adobe Photoshop. This template collection is for ...

in between dreams in between dreams says:
cool idea for wedding guest book ?
im looking for a cool unique idea for a wedding guest book maybe something that has out pics in it i have heard the Polaroid idea but that might be pricey have any original ideas ?
Pookie says:
I really like the idea of having your guests give you a recipe of theirs so you can add it to your recipe collection, orr I really really like the idea of guests written a piece of marriage advice,...

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