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New York City FreeCycle: [FCNYC] OFFER: Clear Plastic bookends ...
We are an innovative project that harnesses the power of e-mail to connect people with things they want to throw away with others who can use those things. Any member of the community can post an item they'd like to give away, or an item they are seeking. The one golden rule: Every item posted must be free. Freecycle New York City is open to all individuals who live or work in NYC. Membership...
Protecting daffodils from 24 inches of snow ( plastic

For the second year in a row a late snow storm was threatening my daffodils. These are the transplants/separated bulbs from my original video, and they have ...

Pinkster Pinkster says:
Beads, Beads, Beads!!??!?!!?
I have all these random beads from michaels for like $2 (A pound of beads!) but i have no clue what i should do with them! help! All answers appreciated.... thanks!
h_brida says:
Other than joyfully hoard them? :-) Bead jewelry, beaded curtains, beaded edges on curtains and/or lampshades, additions to drawstrings on clothing or accessories, substitute for handles on small...

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Licensing Hotline: February 2018

“The collectible aspect was appealing and it had rich content to draw from, so it was a very clear and easy decision on our part,” Jarashow said. The first three titles, including two coloring and activity formats with chunky crayons and glitter paint

Barack Obama & Donald Trump's Controversial Tweets Are So Different

(The same thing happened with Michelle Obama's handle, which became the archive @FLOTUS44, when Melania Trump took over @FLOTUS.) It's not clear, after Trump's inauguration and the handoff took place, whether Obama is now himself tweeting using the

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'You make mistakes, people die': DeForest's Evco Plastics expands medical manufacturing unit

still has its headquarters at the original site, 100 W. North St., DeForest, though the building has been expanded eight times. The founders' son Dale, 65, has worked for the family business for 44 years and became president in 1991. Dale's two

Make Invisible Bookends Out of Two Sheets of Paper

Fancy bookends look great on bookshelves, but sometimes you might want your books to stand upright on their own. Author Jack Heath shows you how you can stand your books up with just a piece of plain paper on each end. If you have thicker paper, feel