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spirit_animal spirit_animal says:
What are my bookends made of?
I have a vintage set of bookends, they are white and are creating a ton of white dust. The white dust 'flakes' off creating a lot of white residue, I have to take them outside and 'dust' them with a toothbrush fairly often. What are they made of?
David B says:
Sounds like they may be made of plaster. If you spray them with a clear acrylic sealer the problem will be solved. Hobby and craft stores sell it in spray cans in a variety of finishes ( gloss,...


Bedrooms for Cool Kids
Bedrooms for Cool Kids
Published by Creative Publishing Int'l 2002
ISBN 1589230507,9781589230507
128 pages
Bedrooms for Cool Kids offers a host of clever yet do-able ideas for turning a basic bedroom into a world of fantasy and imagination for 2-10 year olds. Every room is chock full of innovative storage solutions, decorative painting techniques, creative window treatments, and ingenious accessories that are useful and kid-friendly. 200 illustrations.
The Floor Is Not an Option!
The Floor Is Not an Option!
Published by clutter STOP 2002
ISBN 0971634203,9780971634206
226 pages
An easy and humorous guide to help anyone get organized. For the home, children's rooms and home offices. Special instructions are given for those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), dysleixa and hoarding issues.
Published by Gryphon House, Inc. 2001
ISBN 0876592248,9780876592243
64 pages
Encourages children to experiment with art techniques and styles, discussing painting, collage and paper, drawing, craft and construction, and clay and dough projects.
The Collectible '70s
The Collectible '70s
Published by Krause Publications 2001
ISBN 0873419863,9780873419864
201 pages
An essential reference for Baby Boomer and GenX collectors gathering up the pop-culture artifacts of their youth. Features hundreds of listings in more than 25 categories, up-to-date market prices, and entertaining background histories.
Collectible '70s
Collectible '70s
Published by Krause Publications 2011
ISBN 1440225214,9781440225215
208 pages
A funkadelic trip to the not-so-distant past... Disco, Smiley Faces, 8-tracks and platform shoes - retro is in and '70s rule! The Collectible '70s is a pop-culture history and price guide to treasures of this unforgettable decade. Covering everything from leisure suits to Pet Rocks, Saturday Night Fever to Punk Rock, this full-color guide will take you back to your fads, foibles and fashions of the polyester years. This book is an essential reference for Baby Boomers and their younger...

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Q: When I was going through my father's belongings after he died, I found a framed photo of a horseracing scene above an uncirculated ... locations because of local economic conditions. Cracker Jack toy, hippopotamus, plastic, melon color, $10.

Something Old: Bottles by the color

Q: When I was going through my father's belongings after he died, I found a framed photo of a horse racing scene above an ... It could be an invitation to a burglar. Cracker Jack toy, hippopotamus, plastic, melon color, $10. McCoy Pottery oil jar, sponged ...

Under the microscope: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One

An HTC logo (that doesn’t do anything ... Sense is professional, sophisticated, understated. It still fits HTC’s old “quietly brilliant” motto. You’ll see lots of off-whites and grays, which provide a nice backdrop to make colors pop.

BGSU's Jerome Library celebrates 50 years of learning

"If you look at the Jerome Library, it looks like five volumes with bookends," said Koloski in describing his inspiration for the work. During the unveiling, Koloski removed the books from the "bookends," which included the Donald Drumm mural art in

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A clear acrylic lid allows you to monitor progress and is specially treated with a novel coating to resist the most aggressive chemicals and solvents. Experimental parameters including concentration time and temperature can be easily selected and set

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