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Update on Assembling Children's Board Book - Explorations in ...
In early April I posted a process for creating a Board Book for my granddaughter . I am happy to report that she is quite pleased with her book and loves seeing her own toys and other familiar items in a book. She is enjoying it so much that we decided to add more pages.

Today was 'book construction' day and things went much more quickly and smoothly this second time - the biggest...
How I alter Board Books

This is how I alter childrens board books to create mini albums. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for watching and commenting. xx Michelle.

jen jen says:
At what age did you stop buying board books for your child?
I still get them for my almost 21-month-old, though she has tons of regular paper-paged books, too. I don't want to buy a whole lot if she will soon decide those books are for babies or something. When did your child stop being interested in...
desmeran says:
i stopped buying them when they stopped chewing the books, but they kept reading them years beyond that. my 6-year-old (who usually reads chapter books) will still pick up the owl babies board...

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Speaking of potential areas for growth, Otero described what she sees as a current trend of children's books taking on “fascinating topics in a fun way. There's an appetite for increasingly sophisticated subject matter in younger age groups.” She

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Well, for starters, we've lugged 250 pounds of books. Additionally, I suspect, Sara will have her mom teach a bit while I may preach some in the local churches. But we'll certainly rent a truck, drive the dangerous roads and distribute books to smiling