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Dog Bookends 7 Inch High Iron with a Bronze Finish
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21001331 -- Ronson Scottie Scottish Terrier Dog Antique

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Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2008 Price Guide
Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2008 Price Guide
Published by F+W Media, Inc
ISBN 0896895319,9780896895317
First Language Acquisition
First Language Acquisition
Published by Cambridge University Press 2009
ISBN 0521514134,9780521514132
502 pages
Babies are not born talking, they learn language, starting immediately from birth. How does this process take place? When do children master the skills needed for using language successfully? What stages do they go through as they learn to understand and talk? Do the languages they learn affect the way they think? This new edition of Eve Clark's highly successful textbook focuses on children's acquisition of a first language, the stages of development they go through, and how they use...
Published by Shire 2008
ISBN 0747805237,9780747805236
40 pages
Everybody has used a nutcracker, and this entertaining book describes the many ingenious methods employed and the numerous imaginative designs produced from the eighteenth century to the present day to carry out the apparently simple task of cracking a nut. Considering the heavy use to which they have been put, it is surprising that some of the earliest wooden nutcrackers still survive. Some of these are wonderful examples of folk art. While nutcrackers of such age and quality are scarce...
Midnight Girls
Midnight Girls
Published by Cornerstone Digital 2010
ISBN 1446410048,9781446410042
656 pages
From the prestigious dormitories of Westfield to the irresistible socialite scene of present-day London: everywhere Allegra McCorquodale goes, scandal follows her. And in Allegra's shadow are her closest friends since school, the Midnight Girls. Romily de Lisle: super rich, brilliant and bored. She's as blessed as Allegra when it comes to looks, but she's a force to be reckoned with. And Imogen Heath: pretty, timid and hopelessly drawn to Allegra's reckless charm. She longs to be a part of...
Catalog of Copyright Entries
Catalog of Copyright Entries

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Why metal is precious

To many of our client services friends, they may as well be bookends or doorstops ... The shape of a lion's head, mane ablaze in Gold, Silver or Bronze. The shape of a human holding aloft a globe. The chunky hexagonal pencil pointing skywards in black ...

Gifts for Pet Lovers 2016: It's a Wrap

Colorful pet portraits feature your favorite dog and cat breeds accented with a big fur pompom. Sure to be hit year round especially for the young at heart. See all the breeds features 10 breeds of dogs, as well as several endangered wildlife

11 Stylish Ways to Dogify Your Home Décor

pups suspended from the wall. Choose from bronze, oxford or silver – each more classy than the last. These translucent blue acrylic bookends from Dezignable would be a light and airy touch to any stack of thick, heavy books. The modern design

Happy birthday, Carrie Fisher, and thank you

Today, October 21, would have been Carrie Fisher's 61st birthday. We're all still feeling the disturbance in the force that is life in a Carrie-less world. And while she keeps giving us these precious gifts from beyond the grave (that cow tongue story

Dollhouses: A hobby best kept small

Though we've bought a couple of pieces of nice furniture, they are covered in bite marks from when our dog was teething ... why I shouldn't take it to the next level: half-inch bronze baby bootie bookends from Yes, I said bronze baby ...

Boyd FALL ANTIQUES AUCTION Oct 24-24, 2017

ASIAN: Chinese ivory puzzle ball with stand, 15” h.; Chinese stone court wax seal with carved foo dog; 19th C. Chinese taboret with marble top; 19th C. Japanese woodblock print, Kunisada; large assortment of ivory, bone, and stone netsuke, variety of

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