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Decorating a Bookcase - It's Overflowing

When we moved into our 1950s home there was a built-in that had some definite potential, but totally needed reworking! I drew the plans and Stud got to work! It turned out great and next week I’m going to show you our huge reworking project. But for today, check out this inspiration for Decorating a Bookcase – ways to showcase collections of artwork, accessories and books! Bookshelves are a...

Organizing the Bookcase

This weekend we decided to organize the bookcase. It got a little out of hand.

Hayley x Hayley x says:
Who would you design a bookcase/ bookshelf for?
(DESIGN TECHNOLOGY) If i was to design a bookcase/bookshelf for a specific person (e.g. sister) what age age group would you suggest (e.g. 10-14) Should i design it for kids/teens/adults? Also what would you say is the need for designing a...
~*♥*~Ashley Star~*♥*~ says:
Elementary age (age 6-10) Middle School--> (age 10-14) High School--> (14-17). For any of these ages you can pretty much use the idea of school. Used for books, notebooks, school supplies storage....

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