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Gifts & Decor Bronze Color Fleur De Lis Book End Set For Sale. Don’t Miss Out, Get it Online.

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Fleur-De-Lis Bookends - Item # 36011. Fleur-de-Lis Design Bookends Pair - Golden Bronze Finish - Bring the centuries-old sy...


BookEnds - Alpha and Omega
BookEnds - Alpha and Omega
Published by Trafford on Demand Pub 2009
ISBN 1426901593,9781426901591
176 pages
Whimsical tale of grandparents, grandchildren, and their animal companions working together to solve problems of education, bullying, domestic abuse, ageism, the generation gap, money and power.
Whirlwind (Only In Gooding Book #3)
Whirlwind (Only In Gooding Book #3)
Published by Bethany House Publishers 2008
ISBN 1441218513,9781441218513
368 pages
When Millicent Fairweather boards the Opportunity to journey to America, she's confident a better life awaits. Before she knows it, she's taken out of steerage to be a nanny to a delightful little boy who quickly wins her heart. Widower Daniel Clark isn't sure about the pretty bundle of energy who takes the nanny position, but he figures the voyage is only one week. When disaster strikes, Daniel seizes the chance to rescue Millicent and her sister. A most convenient marriage ensues...only...
Banker's Trust
Banker's Trust
Published by AuthorHouse 2012
ISBN 1468524941,9781468524949
Rita Miller, an experienced banker in the quaint town of Shallotte, North Carolina, is now employed by a "megabank" that acquired the community bank where she had spent her decade-long career. Resentful of corporate assimilation and suspicious of her new co-workers, Rita is thrust into the thankless position of budgeting for the bank office where she unwittingly uncovers an insidious pattern of crime that predates the merger and potentially involves old and new co-workers. As Rita and her...
Beyond Love
Beyond Love
ISBN 1623803411,9781623803414
276 pages
Southern Living
Southern Living
Published by Ballantine Books 2009
ISBN 0307547132,9780307547132
352 pages
Welcome to the utterly eccentric world of Selby, Georgia, where the folks sprinkle three things liberally over their daily lives: sugar, religion, and the wicked fun of Southern living. Margaret Pinaldi is the quiet daughter of a hell-raising abortion-rights advocate who recently died—bequeathing Margaret a house in Georgia. Finally free from her mother’s demanding presence, this transplanted Yankee is finding herself for the first time, courtesy of the Deep South. And, much to her surprise,...

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Two gold-trimmed chests with mirrored drawer fronts bookend the bed. On one of the chests is a touch ... The bath also features his and hers granite-top vanities and walk-in double shower with fleur-de-lis tiles and rain shower heads.

Fleur-de-lis can add beauty to your house

Fleur-de-Lis Pewter Bookends and Cast Iron Doormat. Even one can go for an elegant furnishing in the house with items like fleur-de-lis bath d cor which include many objects like the White Oval Fleur-de-Lis Soap, Fleur-de-Lis Pewter Bath Canisters ...

Visit Enchanting Florence, Volterra and Siena in the Heart of Tuscany, Italy

Learn more about fleur-de-lis at: ... Volterra has a couple of gift shops which have an assortment of alabaster bookends, ornamental figures and even lamps made of alabaster to pack home in your suitcase.

Worst: The Twin Spires have been obscured with muddled architecture

The 1895 Derby attracted a crowd of just 25,000, many of them probably dazzled by Baldez's new grandstand and the steeples above it that sat on octagonal-shaped bases with portals and arches decorated by the Fleur de Lis, the symbol of the City of

Pianist Brad Mehldau continues to explores new partnerships, but his long-running trio remains his most reliable vehicle

adding a subtle bossa nova feel to “I Concentrate on You” and caressing the earthy blues of the Buddy Johnson opener “Since I Fell for You” with an elegance reminiscent of Ray Charles (the trio's cadenza on “My Valentine” nicely bookends the track

Home Furnishings: His & Hers

Fleur de Lis bookends, $28, Treasured Notions by Kaari Meng, $24.95, This Is For You by Rob Ryan, $16.95, and Let's Bring Back by Lesley M.M. Blume, $19.95, at Emerald, Detroit; 313-559-5500 (left); Ferm Living “Tree Bomb” cushion, $100, at Nora

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