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Lynn: How’s this for, ahem, a killer premise? A young woman returns home after years away to discover that her mother lies buried within a wrought-iron cage. Try resisting that, I dare you! Salerni’s creepy premise is just the beginning of a terrifically compelling mystery and The Caged Graves (Clarion 2013) is the perfect book to wind up our celebration...

Kinokuniya "Bookends" by JWT Dubai - 2013

Today it is estimated that 101 million children around the globe are out of school. A majority of them are in the world's most impoverished areas. Without ac...

newmomma2 newmomma2 says:
once upon a child shop?
has anyone ever sold stuff to the consignment shop called once upon a child, and if so, what did you recieve for your stuff? how much?
glitterkittyy says:
Honestly, I have much better results with craigslist and ebay. For example, Once upon a child offered me $2 for a mint condition set of Classic Pooh bookends that cost $80 new. I sold them on...

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It's not unusual for me to start my day in prayer. Even before the morning clouds are painted pink by the heatless Minnesota sunrise, words spill off my pillowcase and echo all the way up to heaven. “Dear Lord, why do my children insist on blending

The Teacher: Childhood trauma informed Stewart's legislative success

Santa Fe – She was 3 years old when her father died in a car crash and 17 when her mother committed suicide. In between those bookends of loss, she lived with the man she refers to as “my evil stepfather.” He demeaned her, her two older sisters and her

New Mexico state Sen. Mimi Stewart's childhood trauma shapes work

New Mexico state Sen. Mimi Stewart can be abrupt and hectoring. She is also one of the state Legislature's most dogged and prepared members.

Film: The Happy Prince, Berlin Film Festival | Times2 | The Times

Who knew that Rupert Everett had it in him? The 58-year-old actor and writer, who made a big splash in the 1980s with Another Country and Dance with a Stra.