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Lynn: How’s this for, ahem, a killer premise? A young woman returns home after years away to discover that her mother lies buried within a wrought-iron cage. Try resisting that, I dare you! Salerni’s creepy premise is just the beginning of a terrifically compelling mystery and The Caged Graves (Clarion 2013) is the perfect book to wind up our celebration...

Kinokuniya "Bookends" by JWT Dubai - 2013

Today it is estimated that 101 million children around the globe are out of school. A majority of them are in the world's most impoverished areas. Without ac...

newmomma2 newmomma2 says:
once upon a child shop?
has anyone ever sold stuff to the consignment shop called once upon a child, and if so, what did you recieve for your stuff? how much?
glitterkittyy says:
Honestly, I have much better results with craigslist and ebay. For example, Once upon a child offered me $2 for a mint condition set of Classic Pooh bookends that cost $80 new. I sold them on...

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'Memoirs From A Prison Cell' a troubling tale | Bookends

The children were separated and sent to live with neighbors who were known to the children but were not related in any way. Terry was 4 and doesn't remember any explanation from his mother about why this was happening. It just happened. He then began 

Youth urged to remember they're 'beloved children of God, called by name'

These external and internal forms of praise formed bookends to the opening general session of the National Catholic Youth Conference Nov. 16 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. After two hours of music, entertainment -- including cultural dancing by

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45 Holiday Gift Ideas For the Kids In Your Life

A first bike is a perfect gift idea for those children who are ready for an adventure, particularly those from Banwood. Keep your little one cozy with a mini-sized Burberry toggle coat, or wrapped up in an Everlane cashmere sweater that matches mom's.

Best Kids Books Of 2017 Announced By EPL

All of these books are available through Evanston Public Library to borrow. If you're interested in purchasing them, be sure to visit our local bookseller Bookends and Beginnings. Download the PDF of the Children's Books 2017 Booklet if you would like