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Leaning Ladder Bookcase Book Shelf in Black Finish ...

This contemporary ladder-style bookcase is an attractive way to showcase and store books and collectibles. The Book Shelf features raised edges on sides and back to keep small items in place. Choice of walnut, black, cherry, oak, and white, this listing is for the black finish. Use alone, or combine with coordinating another 5-tier Leaning Ladder Book Shelf or our modern laptop computer or...

Source: GreenHome123
Unique 72" High LEANING LADDER STYLE MAGAZINE BOOK You Save $50.50 (45%) Today. Contemporary Black Finish 5-Tier Ladder Book Shelf Dimension: 25L 17W 72H Finish: Black Material: Wood Conte...

Maya H Maya H says:
Would someone be able to tell me what company makes this black shoe rack in this picture?
It's the second picture on the site. If not that one something very similar. Thanks!...
chillin says:
I don't know the specific company which makes that unit but it nothing more than an etagere or open display shelving unit. That one in particular is ladder shaped. Here are some which you can...

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