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Girls Bookcase: Vintage Designed Kids Style And Design Created ...

Decorate a classic maritime designed boy's room in only one weekend!

A classic maritime theme is often as practical in nursery decor as it might be for that growing boy's bed room, and lasting styles are essential if this involves designing in the pace of the child's growth and maturity. Interior designers are frequently drawn to vintage styles, styles going dating back to the 20s,...

Antique French Empire style (19th Cent) mahogany - Antique French Empire style (19th Cent) mahogany bookcase cabinet with bronze trim and 2 glass...

Gwenn Gwenn says:
Difficulty finding a bookcase?
I'm looking for a gothic revival style bookcase that has glass doors and is made of wood, with arches over it's glass. This bookcase is exactly the style I am looking for, but unfortunately it is too small....
Hawk says:
Go to some actual furniture store and don't go to the roadside stores.

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