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Review: Herobear and the Kid Special #1 - Comic Book Resources

After an absence of nearly a decade, "Herobear and the Kid Special" #1 brings Mike Kunkel and his most famous creation back to the new comic book racks with a new story and a whole lot of fun. Printed in grayscale with red spot-coloring throughout, this comic book feels like a collection of energetic sketches generated by hands that manage to transform learning opportunities into...

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Repository Library Shelving | High Bay Storage Racks |

Libraries and government record centers are under pressure to find new ways to get more storage out of less space. One way organizations are solving their st...

pumpkinlettuce pumpkinlettuce says:
Where can I find a revolving book rack?
My sister has several dozen books jammed in her closet and on a small bookshelf so for Christmas I was hoping to get her one of those revolving racks you see in stores everywhere. They're mostly standard paperback size so a regular store display...
Clarkie says: There you go: the first one is a little over 100$ Here's a book pannel...i think you attach it to a door or wall...and it's...


Love on the racks
Love on the racks
Published by McFarland & Co Inc Pub 2008
ISBN 0786435194,9780786435197
229 pages
For the better part of three decades romance comics were an American institution. Nearly 6,000 romance comics were published between 1947 and 1977, and there was a time when one of every five comics sold in the U.S. was a romance comic.This is the first book devoted entirely to the rarely studied world of romance comics. The text includes information on several types of romance comics and their creators, plus the history, numbers, and publishing frequency of dozens of romance titles. The...
A Handy Guide to Making Vintage Wooden Bookcases and Book Racks
A Handy Guide to Making Vintage Wooden Bookcases and Book Racks
Published by Barber Press 2012
ISBN 1447446763,9781447446767
28 pages
This is a instructional book for making bookcases from wood. The vintage step-by-step designs will help you construct cupboards, cabinets, bookcases and book stands. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience.
Whitetail Racks
Whitetail Racks
Published by Krause Publications 2010
ISBN 144021154X,9781440211546
192 pages
"Illustrates the latest science and research on antlers from two of the preeminent wildlife biologists in the industry. Learn what causes big antlers: management options, antler restrictions, nutrition, etc. Discover how to find sheds, why we get nontypical antlers, why you should not shoot spikes, how to score antlers, what states are best for big bucks, what you can do to get big bucks on your property. Find out how selling big antlers is big business"--P. [4] of cover.
Behind the Racks
Behind the Racks
Published by Blazers 2010
ISBN 1429633867,9781429633864
32 pages
"Describes the behind-the-scenes places of a shopping mall"--Provided by publisher.
Mr. Collier's Letter Racks
Mr. Collier's Letter Racks
Published by OUP USA 2012
ISBN 0199738866,9780199738861
352 pages
Uncovers an artistic puzzle in the illusionist paintings by Edward Collier, a Dutch-British still-life painter who moved to London at the end of the seventeenth century and encoded a sophisticated critique of the information revolution that ushered in the modern information age.

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Making the record book were 213 sets of antlers, 200 typical and 13 non-typical racks. Not all of the record racks were taken in the 2016 season, although most of the racks scored were taken in either 2015 or 2016. To qualify for the South Carolina

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This one-of-a-kind book brings together India’s young parliamentarians, cutting across ideologies, geographies and political affiliations. These nation-builders provide perspectives on a wide range of issues. Despite the seemingly contrasting paths, they ...

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