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deflect-o 350101 Two Drawer Cube Organizer, Clear Plastic, 6 x 7-1 ...

Clear Plastic Containers in the Home: The Junk Drawer

Everyone has a place where they put those things that don’t go anywhere else?often a drawer set aside for throwing stuff into.? The things that go into this “junk drawer” are often too small to have a designated space on a shelf or countertop, but they’re still things you need.? The only problem is, when...

Custom make up caddy

Custom make-up Caddy Make up organizer The plastic bins are from target:

J J says:
I need help & tips to help organize my kids room (toys, books etc..)?
I need some help and or suggestions on what kind of containers and such should i use to help organize my kids rooms (toys and books). My daughter has alot of bratz & monster high dolls and also lots of hair accessories such as barettes, head bands...
Common Sense says:
First of all, either stop buying toys or do what I did. A new toy in, an old toy out to kids who have nothing. This will make the kids realize there are limitations to what they can keep and it...

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The Trippy, High-Speed World of Drone Racing | The New Yorker

Ian Frazier on the new generation of talented young pilots who like to fool around with quadcopters.

How to be a savvy consumer around the house - Home Front

Q: Alternatives to Container Store? I love Container Store but it is too pricey for the basics (like plastic containers and tubs). Where can I get these things for less? A: Have you checked Ikea? They have many sturdy --and attractive-- organizational

Staying on Track: Clearing the clutter

Johnson often sees childhood art projects or costumes consuming large amounts of space. “Take a picture of it," she suggests. "Shutterfly makes books. You could take those pictures and make a book of all the things, and you've still got the memory.” 3

Life hacks: Office supplies can organize more than your desk

While you're looking through the office supplies, grab a couple of magazine holders. They're great for organizing just about everything. Lay a magazine holder on its side in the corner of a shelf, and then stack another one on top. Now you have the