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The Fall of Gatekeepers, the Rise of Magnifiers | Laughing at the ...

For better or worse, publishing a book has never been easier. There’s been lots written about this (the rise of self-publishing and digital publishing seem to be the big headline-grabbers in this narrative, to date). There’s another factor that seems less talked about: the proliferation of what I’ll call the “tiny press” or, perhaps even better “the hobbyist press” — miniscule outfits that...

Page Magnifiers - Turn Every Book into a Large Print

See how this lighted full page magnifier makes it possible to to read books, newspapers and magazines. The bright LED lights and adjustable arm are great fea...

nsunny s nsunny s says:
what is the difference between Manifier and Magnifier ?
what is the difference between Manifier and Magnifier ? Thanks
slasher42424 says:
a magnifier is a tool that is a large convex glass fitted in a cicular hole that improves an images size though distorting it, alowing you to see better than the naked eye. A manifier is a lighted...

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Daily living aids and assistive technology can help people to continue to live their lives with dignity and stay independent for longer, in their home. It can also provide the carer with peace of mind (One in eight adults (around 6.5 million people

Bobbie's Beat: Seeing into the future

We made a point to attend all of the programs that featured informative and inspirational speakers, one of whom was Mary Minor's physician at the Casey Eye Institute. As I listened to a blind speaker (with his guide dog curled up behind him), my mind

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North Texas visually impaired kids get gift of sight

Her brothers will share another one. "I can finally actually feel like other people feel, knowing I can read better,” she said. “Except, I'm just a little different." Bryce Brown also received one that enables him to clearly see things around the room

The connoisseur of small things

An old book publisher Mohanty has been dealing with for quite some time is David Bryce & Son, Glasgow, which made finely crafted miniatures and micro-miniatures between 1890 and 1910, some accompanied by metal holders and magnifiers. Mohanty's