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Paper and book holder makeover. - Mod Podge Rocks

Have you ever seen these document holders before? I used to use one at work ALL the time. And honestly, I don’t have one right now, but I could totally still use one. I’m always reading documents and typing on the computer, and this makes it nice for everything to be an eye level rather than having to blow your back out over a desk. Niki decorated the one above, and points out that it would...

Book Holder. Life Changing Product For Book

The worlds most versatile Book Holder and Document Holder. The amazing easy-read is improving reading pleasure across the world. says:
Treadmill book holder?
Does anyone know what type of store might carry a treadmill book holder? I am trying to buy one locally but I am not sure where to go. Would I need to look for one at a bookstore or at a sporting goods store? The kind I want would hook over the...
RUBY K says:
Have you ever tried to read a book while on the treadmill? It is kind of difficult. You have to walk slower so you can read and then you don't get a good workout. I would recommend listening to...

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WHEREAS, Byron M. Gill was appointed Substitute Trustee by instrument dated March 8, 2018, of record in Book 1811, Page 2264, Register's Office for Wilson County, Tennessee; and,. WHEREAS, the Deed of Trust provided that in the event of default in

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