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Can They Really Teach Me How to Write? « In Fear of Blank Pages

Sometimes writing advice is just what we need to hone our craft, but often it’s white noise, the multitude of the voices rendering a new writer helpless. The usefulness of writing advice depends on three things: the writer, the advice, and the person giving the advice.

The Advice

For advice to be useful, it must first be good. This might sound like...

Address Book - New Features - Mac OSX Lion

Learn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master: In this video, Mahalo technology expert Justin Zagri walks throug...

elk1521 elk1521 says:
How can I get back my addresses? My address book comes up with just a blank page.?
staciesweet says:
I seems alot of people are talking about faults with yahoo mail this morning. And like you- I cannot get my address window to show either. Yahoo from time to time has experienced some malfunctions...

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