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I love having my granddaughter over for a visit, something that has become increasingly rare ever since I moved to Florida. I can appreciate the fact that it’s just too far for my daughter and son-in-law to make the trip often. I’m just lucky to have this week together with Alice while her parents are off on a much needed vacation. I look at the object nestled in her hand; it’s a small blue...
The Video Kiosk™ guestbook software for Birthday

The Video Kiosk™ is a fantastic way of capturing memories at parties with guests being able to leave as many video messages or photos as they like with our g...

Samantha N Samantha N says:
sweet 16 party themes?
okay so me and my bestfriend are turning 16 this year and its not until december but we are planning now, we had an idea of a club theme but is there anything more extrodinary themes? we have lots of people on our guest list. and we are in vegas...
*barbie's just a doll*..... says:
Toga Party Theme: This birthday party idea is a great choice for the big bash that you are planning. From being dressed in simple bedsheets tied up as togas to elegant ancient Roman costumes...

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A Marina mother turns the tragic loss of a child into an annual gift and birthday party for all children.

The tasks in turn made her love of the library and books “take flight,” and soon she was a fixture as a library volunteer and a member of the FOML board. “There isn't anything I didn't do for FOML,” she That became “an all-out birthday party for


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A wedding invitation should come with a price tag

The 30-year-old woman appeared on daytime British television recently in a state best described as politely-contained rage. Childs' predicament—racking up so much debt from attending her friends' weddings that she had to move back in with her parents 

Fourth annual Catherine's Butterfly Party and pet adoption event held in June

Fourth annual Catherine's Butterfly Party and pet adoption event held in June. Lidia Ryan .. to them, 'Tell all your friends I am kind,'" Jenny Hubbard, Catherine's mother, said in a release. "Every year, Catherine asked for a birthday party that