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I love having my granddaughter over for a visit, something that has become increasingly rare ever since I moved to Florida. I can appreciate the fact that it’s just too far for my daughter and son-in-law to make the trip often. I’m just lucky to have this week together with Alice while her parents are off on a much needed vacation. I look at the object nestled in her hand; it’s a small blue...
The Video Kiosk™ guestbook software for Birthday

The Video Kiosk™ is a fantastic way of capturing memories at parties with guests being able to leave as many video messages or photos as they like with our g...

Samantha N Samantha N says:
sweet 16 party themes?
okay so me and my bestfriend are turning 16 this year and its not until december but we are planning now, we had an idea of a club theme but is there anything more extrodinary themes? we have lots of people on our guest list. and we are in vegas...
*barbie's just a doll*..... says:
Toga Party Theme: This birthday party idea is a great choice for the big bash that you are planning. From being dressed in simple bedsheets tied up as togas to elegant ancient Roman costumes...

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How Dinner Parties Just Might Save Independent Bookstores

Berry then selects a book for the host to give to each guest as a gift, something of a Cyrano in other words for Hamptons hosts who fret that their literary reach exceeds their grasp. “Dinner party hosts don't just want to give away wine or soap. They

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This kids' birthday party trend is refreshingly minimalist

It's all about reducing stuff, stress, and spending, which makes everyone happier at the end of the day. There is a new trend in kids' birthday parties that is wonderfully minimalist in its philosophy. Instead of expecting guests to bring gifts, they

Five Great Birthday Party Ideas for Teens in NYC

This is a hot spot for teen birthday parties and you must book it way in advance. Party packages include all the laser tag gear, food and drinks. This all weather perfect party is indoors in a football sized arena where your teen party guests will have


For subscriptions, single tickets and information on group rates, visit or call Chicago Children's Theatre Guest Services, (872) 222-9555. It's a magical birthday party - and you're invited! Step inside an enchanted room in