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DIY Binder Ring Address Book - The Secret to Having it All.........
Welcome to my blog! I'm a mom to two amazing sons (17 & 24), and I've been married to my best friend for 29 years. I manage a bed and breakfast, something I love & enjoy. It's a seasonal job, so I work there for 6 months out of the year and get to be a stay-at-home mom the other 6 months. I truly have the best of both worlds!!! Some of my favorite past times include blogging,...
Index Card Binder Tutorial

Here's a simple and fast way to make an index card binder. What's great about this binder is that it's refillable. This can be used for to do list, taking no...

tranquility427 tranquility427 says:
How can I better organize my paper address book?
I am only looking for advice about paper address books. I'd like something expandable or upgradable as addresses and contacts change. Please let me know your ideas! Thanks : ) Removable/replaceable pages are not what I'm looking for, then I have...
Like a monkey with ADHD says:
i would check your local walmart or stationary store. the personal planners / address books often come with removable/ replaceable pages. if you can't find the perfect address book, look at cheap...

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