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The IKEA Effect and Change Management | The Data Roundtable

For example, after I had the (let’s just say) joy of assembling an IKEA bookshelf, my sense of pride at my workmanship (truth be told, I am not the most handy man) made me ignore the fact that it was a little wobbly and leaned to the left. After all, as long as you keep the heavier books on the right-hand side of the bookshelf, it hardy ever looks like it could topple over at any...

IKEA Billy Bookcase Assembly & Installation in Atlanta

Testimonial by Tiaudra Shaw for Rockstar Furniture Assembly. (Thanks Tiaudra!) This is two Billy bookcase units. We had to do a small hack so that the back o...

Pisanello Pisanello says:
Tailored bookcase?
I have recently rented a new apartment and have a large empty wall (3mt high - 5mt wide) that I want to fill completely with a bookcase. None of the pre-assembled products I see on the market is flexible enough to cover completely the wall. Short...
Elf says:
You can put more than one right next to each other on the wall. The link will take you to a pre-fab furniture site. I have two of their bookcases, bought them 6 years ago. Moved them to Germany and...

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Opendesk launches shelf and desk that can both be assembled tool-free

The Linnea bookcase by Pia Narula and Sam Devenport can similarly be assembled without tools. The bookcase has a crosshatch shape. This was chosen to be "strong, functional and visually simple", but another benefit is that doesn't require any fittings.

Why I'm Excited About Ikea Buying TaskRabbit

But it got better, instead of throwing out my back trying to assemble furniture and ending up with a permanent Allen wrench-shaped indentation in my palm, Felix assembled everything (again for a reasonable fee). Floating bookcases and all

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FIRST-PERSON: Women & God's design for the church

You see, someone designed those bookcases. This person then provided directions on how they were to be assembled. In those moments where I veered from the directions, I was essentially saying (in my mind) that I thought I knew better than the one who 

Letter: Ideas for Kmart building

Why couldn't the Kmart location be where windcharger towers are assembled, and a parts depot as well? 2. A second use would be a place where Desks, bookcases, desk chairs and outdoor furniture — picnic tables. There are a few ideas — and more