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The IKEA Effect and Change Management | The Data Roundtable

For example, after I had the (let’s just say) joy of assembling an IKEA bookshelf, my sense of pride at my workmanship (truth be told, I am not the most handy man) made me ignore the fact that it was a little wobbly and leaned to the left. After all, as long as you keep the heavier books on the right-hand side of the bookshelf, it hardy ever looks like it could topple over at any...

IKEA Billy Bookcase Assembly & Installation in Atlanta

Testimonial by Tiaudra Shaw for Rockstar Furniture Assembly. (Thanks Tiaudra!) This is two Billy bookcase units. We had to do a small hack so that the back o...

Pisanello Pisanello says:
Tailored bookcase?
I have recently rented a new apartment and have a large empty wall (3mt high - 5mt wide) that I want to fill completely with a bookcase. None of the pre-assembled products I see on the market is flexible enough to cover completely the wall. Short...
Elf says:
You can put more than one right next to each other on the wall. The link will take you to a pre-fab furniture site. I have two of their bookcases, bought them 6 years ago. Moved them to Germany and...

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Ingvar Kamprad, the Swedish company's founder who has died at the age of 91, leaves behind not only a planet covered in blonde-wood bookcases and allen key-assembled chairs, but also one with a completely different attitude to furniture and shopping

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