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It's Nice That : Bookshelf: What a treat! Marc Allum of Antiques ...

What with Bookshelf’s shiny new midweek slot, who to show us their top five books than a man whose entire career has been based around the fascinating history of objects? Marc Allum is a miscellaneous specialist on much-loved BBC programme Antiques Roadshow and is also a freelance art and antiques journalist. His book collection and incredibly well-written captions reveal his...

Regency mahogany waterfall bookcase at Hingstons

Regency mahogany waterfall bookcase at Hingstons antiques of Wilton.

arcticfox97 arcticfox97 says:
How to decorate a very small bedroom?
I just moved not too long ago, and my room is very small - a huge difference from my last bedroom in the house we moved from which was rather medium-sized, but definitely not near as small as mine. Sorry I don't have the measurements (I forgot...
Woods says:
If you can paint the furniture, I'd paint it all an off white (even an antique white) so make it smaller in appearance. However, I wouldn't paint the black pieces. I'd try to do my room design...

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