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For Our Cherry Desk Not Just Any Shelves Would Do - Old Town ...

Doesn't it look so bare and lonely?

We had gone to such great lengths to make the various desk components work seamlessly with each other, hiding any fasteners and concealing any non-wood components. Everything had gone well but I was starting to turn into my normal neurotic self about how I would build the shelves. We had installed a single downlight above the shelf area, and I was...

Antique Quarter-Sawn Oak 2-Door Bookcase ca. 1900

Antique Quarter-Sawn Oak 2-Door Bookcase ca. 1900.

rose rose says:
appraising an antique secretary desk...?
i have a desk that i believe to be pretty old. i found a tag on the back saying it is from b. lowenstein & bros which was a department store that opened in the 1800s. but i cant find anything on google about their furniture, just facts about the...
Polyhistor says:
I am assuming that you live in the Memphis area or are close to it. My suggestion is to go to the library and look up furniture catalogs of the period that you think it is. Look carefully on...

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