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Buttons and Bookends: Brimfield Antique Fair
Luckily the place is so huge that it never feels super cramped. We even saw Lara Spencer (who is on Good Morning America, ABC News and lots of other shows) shooting a tv episode while we were there - of course we were the awkward people walking behind her trying to figure out why a crowd had formed. Via Instagram, I even saw that Kate Spade's Deborah Lloyd spent a day at Brimfield. We spent a...
21001331 -- Ronson Scottie Scottish Terrier Dog Antique

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Does anyone know anything about Sauer bookends?
I have an old book end that seems to be cast iron. It is very heavy. It is a rearing horse. I'm pretty sure it is antique, and the only name on it at all is Sauer. Does anyone out there know anything about this?
This site offers free antique appraisals. and you can also find an antique price guide here which you can use to...

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Narrow cobblestone streets, some barely the width of a doorway, lead to pretty houses with neat metal window boxes bursting with pink heather, and to courtyards filled with old-fashioned bicycles chained to antique lamp posts. Buildings, stooped like