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Inspired by the casual style of coastal living, the Harbor View collection brings the romance of fabled seaside getaways like Martha’s Vineyard...

Antique Bookcases Antique Regency Dining Set

Cayla22 Cayla22 says:
Antique Macey Bookcase?
The other day someone told me I had an antique piece of furniture in my house. It is a 3 piece Macey Banister Bookcase. The top bookshelf says Macey 11 12 1/2 and the bottom shelves both say Macey 11 10 1/2. I searched online all day and found...
worldisone says:
around $9000. which city r u in? take pix and sent to nearest antique dealer for valuation/comments. dont ever sell it! price will go up

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