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If it can be magical animals, the Companions (without spoiling anything, they're white horses with human intelligence) in Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar series were one of the things that attracted me to the series when I was younger. Arrows of the Queen would be a good starting point.

Also, Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern books. The ones with Menolly would probably be...

Minecraft Tutorials E08 - Animal Farms, Wolves, Glass

What is going on world of YouTube? I am here again, in my longest episode for tutorials yet! In this episode we start making an animal farm. We also get a ne...

TiDaLxxWaVe TiDaLxxWaVe says:
How do I help these animals?
I just started working at a daycare, and was excited to see that there were animals there. They're my first passion. There was a beautiful, young rabbit and two guinea pigs. However, upon examining their living conditions, I found their bedding to...
Know One says:
It doesn't sound like you're going to get anywhere by appealing to your bosses' love of animals, so I would appeal to their sense of responsibility as caretakers of small children. Keeping animal...

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Ranger Steve's Nature Niche: Old Books

My bookshelves are filled with old books. Authors shared riveting human connections with animals. I grew up at the edge of a city and ventured to wild country two blocks away. That countryside had scattered fallow farm fields nestled among active

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Berserk 'Groundhog' Spoils Inaugural Hamptons Event

The event's organizers reported that the “groundhog” made its escape almost as soon as the carrier was opened, in the process badly clawing its owner and several children who had gathered to watch and who tried to help restrain the animal. It then

This Dreamy Tribeca Loft Takes Living with Art to the Next Level

Shelf installation includes drawings and vintage photography by Tom of Finland, Yoshitomo Nara, Peter Hujar, PaJaMa, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Mark Morrisroe (rare color sandwich print); “Mud Animal

Hoping for a good year? Try a woodblock print : In time with Olympics, Gangwon museum opens up its collection of ...

Although the illustrations all serve the same purpose, each country has different interpretations of the gods and animals that beckon good tidings. One of the few Korean rarities on display is a piece of embroidery showing 100 children immersed in play