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As a book lover I’m always on the lookout for a pair of cute bookends. I have been searching for animal ones for ages, but the ones I’ve fallen in love with are a bit out of my budget.

So I thought I’d get my glitter on and make some cute elephant bookends myself.

Glitter is such a fun medium to work with (especially when it’s hot pink!) and the kids will love helping you...

Source: Julep

Imaginations run wild with these hancrafted bookends crafted of animal friendly faux leather . Well weighted with natural cotton and iron filings to keep book...

James R. James R. says:
Why do a lot of people have more compassion for animals than people?
A while back there was a news story about dieing children in Africa, and most of the comments were disgustingly cruel. If a police dog is shot by a criminal, most people want to hang the criminal. Why this difference in emotion?
Reepak Chopra (Warlock) says:
People ain't no good! You know good and well it's true. They never do what you want 'em too. Cuz people ain't no good. They're no good on weekends. When they come out to play. They're no good...

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