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April 5th, 2013. Bookcases, Modern Bookshelves With Different Unique Angle.

Do you feel bored with your bookshelves performance? If so, I suggest you to change or transform your old one with the modern one. Book shelving idea seems to be very simple, even some people think that it does not take really important role in beautifying a home. If you have that thought, I need to...

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rennfaery rennfaery says:
Bookshelf bench?
I want to create a bench to put in front of my large picture window. I had the idea to put a regular bookshelf on its side and use it as a bench with storage space. However, I'm worried about the integrety of the wood. Would the sideways bookshelf...
Sue says:
1) The 'regular' bookshelf will have a footer (that is, the bottom shelf is off the floor a few inches). Turning it on its side would make the unit off-center. 2) The seat would be very narrow,...

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