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Adjustable Bookend Shelf for Growing Book Collections | Inhabitots
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Bookends: build a small book stand

An adjustable book stand you can build with scrap lumber. Visit for more woodworking stuff.

SamIam82 SamIam82 says:
Homemade or cheap shelves and book ends for nursery?
I've decided to save the floor space and hang shelves high on the wall for books and nicknacks in the nursery. This way, when the baby becomes a toddler, he won't pull them off like I used to. I found some rather inexpensive plain shelf boards...
pebblespro says:
I was starved for space in my children's nursery so I got the adjustable shelving from HOME DEPOT and for about $100 it looked very, very nice and when we moved we could easily take it with us......

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