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The objective of this tutorial is to dynamically create table row and display the inserted information on the form. For this we are going to create a form for an address book with the fields name, phone number, email and address.

Within the head tag first we are going to introduce the jquery API which will allow us to use the jquery functions.

 <div> <script...

RE-USE allows to re-use the back of discarded photocopies or of any computer-printed document. Follow the Re-use instructions, download Re-use files and prin...

double L double L says:
inserting from address book?
I can't insert address from book, forward,........
­ ­­Shotsie says:
Try it this way In Yahoo: After you click on Compose or Forward to open the Compose Page, click on TO and your address book will open on top of the page you are in. Check the boxes (TO, BC or BCC)...

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