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Importance Today of Pioneer Stories in 1st Ed AA Big Book - Cyber ...
Why Are The Pioneer Stories in The 1st Edition BB. So Important to you today.
by williambagley28

Alcoholics Anonymous (the "Big Book") is the basic text for the A.A. recovery program. The first edition of the Big Book published in 1939 contained 29 testimonies by A.A.'s pioneers which spoke of the highly-successful recovery program A.A.'s cofounders, Bill W. and...
Big Book Forward to 1st edition

werty9992000 werty9992000 says:
What is the sucsess rate of AA?
sunshinysusan says:
AA And Its Success Rates—A Contemporary Brief By Dick B., Consumer Dick B's Website Dick B. is an active, recovered member of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. You can also find some...

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Datebook — June 4-6, 2013

Discussion. Speaker. 12:15 p.m., First Presbyterian Church, 221 E. Sixth St. HA. NS. AA, There is a Solution group. Open meeting, nonalcoholics welcome. Discussion. Big Book. 5:30 p.m., First Christian Church, 205 E. Kirkwood Ave., Room 14 ...

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GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Thank you for doing this. JAMES COMEY: Oh, it's my pleasure. Thanks for coming. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Simple start. Why did you write this book? JAMES COMEY: I r-- I was never going to write a book. But I decided I had to write Offers a New Range of AA Big Book and Products

Owned and operated by a recovering team with a vast amount of experience, strength, and hope in many 12-Step programs, they have been offering high quality recovery aids like the AA Big Book and more since 2003, when they first opened.

The original manuscript of The Big Book is up for auction and AA is suing to stop the sale

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is a big deal and the original's worth big bucks. Written mostly by William G. Wilson—aka Bill W, co-founder of AA—and first published in 1939, it lays out the 12-step method for addiction recovery. It's one of

EZ Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (Kindle)

... is a reader-friendly translation of the original Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, written in the 1930s and studied by recovering alcoholics in the AA 12-step program for over 70 years. The first 164 pages (the basic text) of the original has never ...

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