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I phoned our doctor’s last Monday afternoon to make an appointment. “There’s no pre-booked appointments available this week” I was told, “why not phone in the morning for a same day appointment ?”.

I started phoning next day at 8.30 when the surgery opened but it was engaged. After 20 times of trying and always getting ‘engaged’ I nipped down there and made an appointment in person...

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Denticon Appointment Book

Denticon Appointment Book.

I'm his princess I'm his princess says:
How soon is to soon to book a reception hall?
I'm not getting married until Sept. 2008 but I've already found the reception hall that I want. Is it to soon to make an appointment to talk with them and book the hall?
Can You Help Me? says:
It is never too soon, we booked our hall and year and a half in advance, sometimes those places fill up really fast.

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